Badly cooked Environments

The DevOps Chef

A  good article / insight from Enov8 on a recent customer meeting.

Badly cooked Environments

Badly cooked Test Environments

No you cant automate your End to End Test Environment Creation if you:

  1. Don’t know what your Systems look like &
  2. Don’t know the Operational Steps


Tip! Learn to walk before you run. Get the basics right first.




IT News Africa

Key Factors for TEM

Interesting article on IT News Africa this week.

IT News Africa

Testing teams today are challenged with unstable, fragmented environments due to fast changing business needs, and the majority of testers’ time is wasted on fixing environmental issues.

In order to provide the necessary glitch-free, standardised test environments organisations must invest in dedicated Test Environment Management (TEM). This will result in test environments up and running 24×7 and also ensure the testing team only does testing….. [More]

CIO Magazine TEM

Enov8 add Test Lab Manager

CIO Magazine – Enov8 have announced that their current solution, for Test Environment Management, EcoSystem EM has now had a Lab Manager added. This will be a great addition to the tools already vast set of functions.
Ref: CIO Article.

CIO Magazine TEM


Our Site Release

Test Environment Management (dot) com is pleased to announce the release of its new website. Our website will be used to collate key Test Environment Management & TestOps information and News.